Game Name: The Second Arnhem assault
Game System: Bolt Action
Game Description
The Germans tried once to retake the other end of the Arnhem Bridge and the indomitable British Paratroopers stopped them. Now they are trying again, this time attacking from the bridge and the other side of town. Play as one of three British defenders or one of three German attackers. As with all Demo Gamer Bolt Action Boot Camps no experience is needed and everything is supplied. Each games takes around 2.5 hours but we guarantee that the time will fly as you are drawn into the cinematic nature of Bolt Action WWII wargaming.

Game Name: The China Quagmire, November 1937
Game System: Simultaneous Battlefront
Game Description
After a surprisingly intensive three month struggle, Shanghai has finally fallen to the Japanese invader. Chinese losses total more than 250,000 men, but most importantly this includes virtually all of the best German equipped and trained units. The remnants are in headlong retreat towards the capital city of Nanjing. Japanese forces, advancing in three roughly parallel columns, are rapidly approaching China’s German-designed Changshu-Hangzhou Line, the last serious obstacle before Nanjing. The job of breaking through has been assigned to the powerful Shanghai Expeditionary Force. Can anything stop them?

Game Name: Retreat from Leipzig 1813
Game System: Sharpes Parctice II
Game Description
This game sees the battered French forces of Napoleon attempt to hold open a village and major road junction for the retreating French forces as advancing Coalition forces attempt to hunt them down and wipe them out.

Come and join the game, take a command and see if you can take the French held village or join the coalition’s side and attempt to wipe the holding French forces out.

Game Name: Stalingrad
Game System: 54mm Figures
Game Description
Skirmish game using 54mm figures on 6 foot by 4 foot terrain.
Demonstrating that wargaming with figures can be cheaply achieved with plastic figures and home- made card buildings and still represents an enjoyable and interesting game especially for younger players.

Game Name: Battle of Gabiene 316 BC
Game System: Command and Colors Ancients
Game Description
The Battle of Gabiene in 316 BC was the final great battle between Antigonus Monophthalmus (One Eye) and Eumenes, two of Alexander’s Successors, in the Wars of the Diadochi. It was closely fought but Antigonus’ cavalry captured Eumenes’ camp and the Argyraspides (Silver Shields) exchanged their commander in return for their captured baggage, and Eumenes was betrayed and put to death.

Game Name: War at Sea
Game System: Axis and Allies Naval Miniatures
Game Description
The great fleets of World War Two clash in Axis and Allies War at Sea. The three games to be played will cover the main naval theatres of WWII and will include surface, air and submarine action. Each game will last two hours, allowing several players to participate. The game is very suitable for junior admirals and children aged ten years up are encouraged to join in.

Game Name: Into the Valley of Death
Game System: Own rules
Game Description
The Crimean War. Lead one of the regiments of the Light Brigade into the Valley of Death. Can you do better than history or at least survive the Charge?

Game Name: Hornblower’s at it again – British marine landing in the Peninsular.
Game System: Black Powder Napoleonic
Game Description
The year is 1812 and after four years of war in the Peninsular, Lord Wellington is finally gaining ground and pushing the French out of Portugal and back across Spain.
Napoleon meanwhile has been busy in Russia and so troop numbers are getting a little stretched, making a strategic retreat the only real option.

Awaiting reinforcements the French force have entrenched themselves in the small port town of Torreguadiarro to the west of Gibraltar. Local Spanish forces have struggled to push the French out of the town, and not wanting to leave a threat to the rear of his advancing army, Lord Wellington orders a Marine relief landing of British And Brunswick troops to aid the locals.

Captain Hornblower commands the Frigate HMS Cyane, whilst Captain Mead commands the brig HMS frolic, which also has a few Spanish marines from Gibraltar on board and a Spanish gunboat in tow.

The game starts with the British forces just about to launch the first of their gunboats to protect the landing boats as they make for a landing.

What happens next will become your history.

Game Name: Raid on the Temple of the Lizard King
Game System: Song of Blades and Heroes
Game Description
You enter the overgrown ruins of the Lizard King. Sweat runs down your face, stinging your eyes. You can see very little in the gloom of the jungle. You hope you can trust your companions, so recently met in that Xanthian tavern. You hope the Lizards aren’t home. You hate Lizards.

An arrow hits Drongo the ranger square in the chest.
really hate Lizards.

Game Name: Dead Man’s Hand
Game System: Dead Man’s Hand
Game Description
Easy to learn, fun to play, and definitely not serious. Spaghetti Westerns in 28mm!

Game Name: 54mm ancients game
Game System: Homegrown rules
Game Description
Romans v Carthaginians

Game Name: Battle of Talavera
Game System: 28 mm AWRG Horse & Musket
Game Description
The Battle of Talavera (27–28 July 1809) was fought just outside the town of Talavera de la Reina, Spain some 120 kilometres (75 mi) southwest of Madrid, during the Peninsular War. At Talavera an Anglo-Spanish army under Sir Arthur Wellesley combined with a Spanish army under General Cuesta in operations against French-occupied Madrid. After fierce fighting, the Grande Armée’s attacks were repulsed several times; during the overnight lull in action it withdrew from the field.

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