For even more fun, there will be a range of games and activities available for all ages at Little Wars.  Check em out below!




Terrain-Making Table

Join in with Owen as he makes some of his acclaimed terrain for gaming tables!

 A picture of his game at Little Wars Melb 2013

Check out his blog to get an idea of how he goes about making some of his terrain ideas:



In Subbuteo table soccer; two players alternate in flicking miniature footballers with the aim of flicking the players into the ball and ultimately into the goal.

At any one time, one player is attacking and the other is defending.
· The attacking player is able to flick their players to the ball and on each turn the figure they flick must do so in order for the attack to continue. (Note: Max 3 uses of a figure in a row)
· The defending player is trying to block the attacker and is entitled to one flick for every one the attacker makes (but the attacker doesn’t have to wait for this) a defensive flick cannot touch the ball or an opposition figure, if this happens a back or a free kick is called.
Two halves of equal length are played (10 or 15 minutes) and after the time period ends, the player with more goals is the winner.


There will be short form games on the day, the aim will be to try and get many people to have a go at playing the game, but a couple of demonstration games will be played as a mini-tournament between existing players.




There will be a small area and some tables set aside for people who’d just like to play a Boardgame, Card Game or small Wargame.  People can bring their own games or buy them on the day.  Additionally, Joe Dodgy and others will be kindly loaning games for a Games Library, which people can borrow to play with.  So far we have:  X-Wing; Space Hulk; Carcassone; Settlers of Catan; LEGO Heroica; Castle Panic; Zombies; Metro; Flash Point; Warhammer Invasion CCG; & SAGA (w/ Normans and Vikings).

20140515_134223So – come along, grab a game, sit down and play with some friends in the comfortable surrounds of Little Wars!

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