We have installed a booking system for those games that have limited spaces available. Over the next few weeks I will be adding all of the games that have been promised for the Melbourne and Adelaide shows to the event listing, most of which are short ‘pick up’ games.

The four basic types of games we are offering are:

  • Participation
  • Demonstration
  • Tournament
  • Display

Most of the games on offer will be Participation games, where members of the public can play with little or no knowledge of the rules. Figures and scenery will be provided and newcomers will be given a run through of the game and let loose to roll dice.

Demonstration games are intended to showcase a ruleset or a range of figures and members of the public are encouraged to stop and ask questions and see the game in action.

Little Wars doesn’t generally host Tournaments, but they do occasionally sneak in. Tournament games generally aren’t open to the public and a pre-booking is required. There is often loot to be won and so the players are focussed and playing very seriously. It’s fun to watch the action unfold – these games are usually the loudest and most animated tables at the show.

There are often a number of static Displays at the shows too, where some incredibly talented people in our hobby showcase their skills.

Have a look at the Event Listing page for a complete list of games on offer (more will be uploaded over the coming days).

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